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Posted On: 5/10/2018

Stone Grove Apartment management

My daughter and I have been living at Stone Cove apartments for the past year-and-a-half and hope to keep living here .. the apartments are spacious the location is prime and the staff is amazing especially Brenda Justin Ashley and Santa . I've had my ups and downs and they've always been there to be able to help me out talk to me help me figure things out I've never felt as home as I feel here these are not just Apartments their homes for families and I for one will keep on raising my family here as long as I can.. I've never had such friendly welcoming managers in an apartment complex like I do here Brenda and Justin at one of the most nicest caring kind-hearted people that you can ever talk to and I'm glad I live in this building and they're in charge of it I hope it doesn't change thank you very much if you thinking of moving here please do
By: Daniel Perez     Verified Resident
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